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Top 10 Parenting Tips

Top 10 Parenting Tips

Raising a family and kids while keeping life balanced is an art that very few can excel. All human beings have certain weaknesses but you should rather try to focus on your child’s strengths and help him develop them. Build your child’s self-esteem by identifying their strengths. Here are ten effective tips that can make life in the family lane a much nicer ride.

  1. 1.     Identify your child’s strengths

Build your child’s self-esteem by identifying their strengths.This can help provide the confidencethat your child needs to tackle their difficulties. Children are more open to understanding how to correct adverse behaviours if their dignity is maintained.

  1. 2.     Punishing a child is not as effective as using praise and rewards

All human beings have certain weaknesses but you should rather try to focus on your child’s strengths and help him develop them. They will automatically acquire talents to compensate for any deficiencies if encouraged and appreciated.

  1. 3.     Avoid negative emotional reactions, such as anger, sarcasm, and ridicule

If you think your child has some problem with controlling emotions then try to be gentle with them. Being fierce and aggressive will only make them worse. Suggest them corrections and alterations but be mild and nice to them.

  1. 4.     Don’t compare siblings

This is one of the most common mistakes that most parents make. They compare their kids to their siblings and other kids of their age. This can not only develop a feeling of hatred for other children but will also make them uncomfortable.

  1. 5.     Get support if you need it

At times you might feel a need of support and it is not anything to be ashamed of. Parenthood can get extremely difficult at times and it has got nothing to do with your ability. Be open to taking professional advice if required, it will only help you offer your child better upbringing.

  1. 6.     Children need positive attention

Not only children but all of us need positive attention in life but certainly kids need it more. In fact if kids do not receive positive attention they try to do negative things to get it. It is because kids prefer any kind of attention over being ignored. SO make sure that you give enough time and space to your child and communicate with him.

  1. 7.     Monitor your child’s use of the Internet

Internet is excessively used by people of all ages alike. However, when it comes to kids, cyberspace can have both positive and negative impact. Mostly, they tend to be drawn towards harmful and negative content. Therefore, it is very important that you monitor your child’s internet use as well as chats.

  1. 8.     Accept that life changes when you have a child

Be ready for changes in life when you have a child. Try to be more active because kids can’t be lazy and they want some or the other kind of activity to stay engaged. But do not forget the needs of other relations in your life.

  1. 9.     Parent by example

Lecturing your kids on how they should and should not live their life will do no good. Learn to present examples through your actions. If you smoke in front of their kids and expect them to not follow you then you are surely mistaken. Kids copy parents and they learn what they see. Check in with yourself, and don’t lose it in front of the children.

  1. 10.                        Don’t give up on your child, ever!

Humour, goodwill and some extra efforts can help you work through your child’s problems. Do not give up on them and always be there to support. You kid can be the most troublesome kid on this planet but it is only your behaviour that can bring a change.

Posted on :2017-03-14 14:42:24